About us

AHOME can help you with every aspect of buying a property in France.

Buying a villa, town house, farm house, chateau or apartment in the South of France can be very time-consuming, and maintaining a complete overview as the process moves forward may at times seem almost impossible.

AHOME gives you access to hundreds of attractive properties mainly in the area Cote d'Azur and Var via our network of leading, established real estate agents in France. You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble finding the right property by completing our questionnaire. This will enable us to find precisely the unique property that matches your requirements. IN-A-HOME is working as an agent for local real estate agencies, who will provide all papers necessary to finalize the deal under French law.

Technical reports such as Energy consumption is required by law and reports on asbestos, electric installations, termites, earthquake risk, forest fires etc. are provided by the seller. An additional survey report can be ordered on your expend.

The house measurement in France given are net measurements, i.e. walls, cupboards etc. are not included.

The French notary finalizes the transaction and settles fees, taxes etc. with the appropriate authorities. The cost is around 7,5 % of the purchase price. The notary is also the person to whom the deposit (5-10 pct.) is paid and subsequently the remainder of the purchase price.

Renting out your property in France will enable you to substantially reduce the cost of your new home. We will be pleased to give a realistic estimate of the rental potential.

The Real estate market in France has been under pressure for many years, but has now stabilized and there are still many good deals to make – a PROPERTY IN FRANCE, whether a flat, town house, villa or château, is a good investment in life and the joy of living.

Phone or write to us for a non-committal discussion of your wishes, criteria and financial framework, and hear more about how we can assist you in finding your dream home..

We will be there every step of the way by:

  • defining your dreams and criteria
  • finding the right property for the right price
  • advising about location, advantages and disadvantages
  • organizing property visits
  • presentation of technical reports and other relevant documents
  • negotiating price, furniture etc.
  • help finding a notary
  • finding a lawyer, accountant, bank or insurance company
  • finding local workmen for renovation
  • establish contact with architect or craftsman
  • estimate the rental potential